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Springs Rolls
(2 rolls, cut into 4 pieces each) pictured above                               
Authentic Thai spring rolls filled with marinated tofu, cucumber, bean sprouts and eggs. Steamed and served with a tamarind sauce.

Egg Roll
Crispy vegetarian egg rolls
Fried Shrimp (2)                               

Fried Tofu                                           
Golden fried tofu served with the house sauce, topped with ground peanuts.
Chicken Satay                               
Marinated chicken tenders grilled and served with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad.

Vegetable Gyosa (6)                      
Pan-fried vegetable pot stickers
Shu Mai (6)                                         
Steamed pork dumplings
Tod Mun Pla (6)                               
Fish patties blended with spices, green beans, and kaffir lime leaves. Served with a peanut topped, cucumber dipping sauce. Gluten-free.
Stuffed Chicken Wings (for 2)       
Golden fried chicken wings stuffed with minced pork and shrimp, bean thread noodles, and spices – highly recommended! Served with iceberg and house sauce.
Crab Cheese Wontons (6)            
Tommy's Tidbits (for 2)                 
Assortment of spring roll, fried shrimp, shu mai and crab cheese wontons. 


Tom Kha Gai (for 2)                          
Chicken coconut soup with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms and onions. Gluten-free. Please specify – mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.

Tom Yum Goong (for 2)                
Clear broth spicy and sour soup with shrimp, lemon grass, onions, mushrooms and basil leaves. Gluten-free. Please specify – mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.
Rice Noodle Soup (for 2)                 
Rice noodles with chicken and bean sprouts in a clear broth. Gluten-free.
Rice with Ground Pork

Egg Drop                                             
Hot and Sour                                    


House Salad                                   
Iceberg, tofu, carrots, broccoli, red onion, cauliflower, and tomato. Served with a spicy peanut dressing on the side.
Yum Nua                                                                                                                Thai beef salad served with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato in a spicy lime dressing. Gluten-free.  Please specify – mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.
Yum Woon Sen                               
Steamed bean thread noodles combined with minced chicken, shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato in a spicy lime dressing. Can also be made with tofu. Gluten-free.
Please specify – mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.

Minced chicken with red onions, chili and spices. Great with sticky rice ADD $3.50 Gluten-free. Please specify mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.

Som Tum
Green papaya, tomatoes, garlic, green beans, peanuts and spices prepared in a traditional mortar and pestle. Traditionally eaten with sticky rice ADD $3.50 Gluten-free. Please specify mild, medium, hot, Thai hot.